Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Durham hookers unsafe for another year ...

Can we please stop bending over backwards for these sons of bitches?

Duke lacrosse lost a nail-biting national championship Memorial Day weekend, which I thought was going to be rigged in their favor after all the heart-wrenching stories about the Blue Devils lacrosse team. That was shortly after the three ex-Duke lacrosse players had the rape charges against them dropped. And now? More good news for the over-privileged youth of America: The team has been given a fifth year of NCAA eligibility.
But ... why?
It wasn't the NCAA that suspended the season at Duke. It was the University. Eight games into the season, by the way. So they lost half a season. Keep in mind that over half the team was caught underage drinking at an off-campus house party where strippers and prostitutes were. Nevermind that they were accused of rape and sexual assault. Nevermind that they had the most expensive attorney money could buy, arguing a case against a district attorney manipulating his client so he could win the minority vote in the next election. Nevermind that these collar-popping assholes sent e-mails vividly describing skinning African-American women. Nevermind that the university forced a well-respected coach to resign to help cover-up the black eye the school had been given ...
Hey, let 'em play, right?
If this had been, say, a basketball team at a state school, and the three accused were, say, African-American and not from the most prestigious suburbs in America ... You think they'd be playing another season? You think the NCAA would even CONSIDER hearing that appeal?
This absolutely disgusts me. Here's hoping Johns Hopkins kicks their asses again next season.