Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Book of Joba: Entry # 1

Hi! Me Joba.
I throw ball for Yankees. I throwed ball for long time. My arm strong. Ball fast. Joba good at ball throwing. Yankees give Joba job throwing ball for dollars.
Yankees feed Joba corn. I big from corn. Joba like Yankees. Joba like corn. Big, big Joba from Yankee corn. Pants no fit from lotta corn. Yankees give new pants! Big pants! Joba like big pants.
Joba sorry to Youkless. Ball slippery from corn butter juice. Sorry Youkless. Sorry Red Socks. Sorry Yankees. Joba sit on bench for slippery ball. Mean Bud man yell at Joba. "You stupid Joba!" Joba cry from Mean Bud man. Call him smelly. Mean Bud man say "Two games, Joba!" Joba eat corn for two games. It was fun.
Bye, from Joba. Bye!